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How to Clean a Swimming Pool The Right Way

Proper Maintenance Ensures Clear Swimming Pool Water

When you have a swimming pool that is outdoors and exposed to the sun, you must accept the fact that it leads to conditions that promote the growth of algae, chances of debris falling into the water, and other things that spoil the clarity of the water.

You can, of course, remove all the water and fill it up afresh, but water is a scarce resource that can cost a lot of money. To ensure clear water in your outdoor pool, it is essential that you understand the maintenance that is necessary to see that your pool water remains clear throughout the summer when it is in use. Water has better chances of remaining clear if the pH levels and chlorine levels are correctly maintained. You can get test kits with strips or tablets to give you the levels of these two important parameters. pH allows you to know whether the water is alkaline, neutral or acidic. The best pH value to maintain is 7.2 to 7.3, a level that does not disturb the eyes when you are in the water. When pH values are above this level, the water will be acidic and can lead to dry skin, burning eyes and color loss of swimming garments. Alkaline water has a pH level below 7, and the greater the alkalinity, the greater are the chances of the water becoming cloudy and turning white and losing its clarity. This water can also cause burning of the eyes. Balance the pH values with the necessary chemicals, and you will have clear water. Chlorine levels also need to be balanced as an excess of chlorine can cause eyes to burn and can affect the skin. Too little, and as chlorine is a sterilizer, the chances for the formation of algae, and thus green water, are greater. Chlorine levels should be maintained between 1 and three parts per million.

Another action that can ensure clear water in the pool is constant filtration that removes all the dirt and debris that outdoor pools do seem to attract. The capacity of the pump on your filter must ensure that it can filter all the water once every 5 hours. Check all the connections for leakage that can affect filtration capacity. Debris and dirt can disturb the cleanliness of a pool, and when the pool is not being used, you can prevent this from happening by installing a pool cover. The added expense of a pool cover can save you hours of cleaning your pool every time you need to use it.

Pool water clarity can be maintained if you test pH and chlorine levels regularly and maintain the prescribed levels. Ensuring the proper maintenance of your filtration plant is also a must, while pool covers can save you the hours that you may need to spend to remove floating debris from swimming pools. A clean pool is a pleasure to swim in and can ensure that you never have to dip into a pool that makes you feel uncomfortable and unclean. For more in formation please visit blue waters pool services.

spa and pool services

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